Chiang Mai is situated at 300 metre above sea level in a large mountain area. The province encompasses approximately 20,000 square kilometres. Chiang Mai is separated from Bangkok by 700 kilometres of highway or 761 kilometers of railway.
Land and Nature
      One of Chiang Mai, as distinctions is the proximity of Thailand's highest mountain, Doi inthanon, that stands 2,575 metres above sea level. Chiang Mai also has flat, fertile valleys spread along the largest and most important river in the province, the ping River, which originates in the Chiang dao Mountains.
Weather and Temperature
      Chiang Mai 3 major seasons. The cool season begins in late October and lasts throughout February with an average temperature of 21 c usually cooler at night. The hot season begins in early March and lasts through to the end of may with an average temprature of 29.9 c . The rainy season begins in early June and lasts through to the end of October with an average temperature of 25.5 c with frequent rains in september.
      The people of Chiang Mai vary, The Majority are farmer and artisans who speak their own melodic dialects and have their intrinsic, traditions, festivals, architectural styles, original handicrafts, classical dances and distinguished cuisine. Hill tribes add to the variety by having a wealth of ancestorl culture.